Jordan Carlyle – a first glimpse

Posted on Tue, 10 Jul 2012 by KiM

Jordan Carlyle of NYC interior design firm Carlyle Designs emailed us about his work and thought we’d like to share some of his projects with our readers. You’ll see why I didn’t hesitate to say yes in a moment. First, a little bit about Jordan: Characterized by earthly surfaces, singular details and keen colors richly layered across an architectural framework, Jordan’s designs recast classic elements in modern settings. It’s an approach that pays homage to timeless notions of sophistication as surely as it spritzes them with modern zest and sheds the stuffy overtones of elegance to reveal its sexy young skin. Jordan’s understanding of the exceptional and his love for the refined continue to be the core of his design philosophy. I was shocked to discover Jordan is only 29, and not only am I already smitten with his work, it turns out he has collection of beautiful custom furnishings (Carlyle Collective) and produces contemporary artwork (for CB2 for over 4 years!) found here. I am thoroughly impressed. So impressed I need to do two posts. To begin, here are two projects – the first is an industrial loft gone elegant, and the second, a dreamy bathroom.

I can feel an antique element in these decor. The ceiling, chandelier etc add to this feel.

Robyn B says:

Absolutely breath taking.

So gorgeous, I love the industrial look and how cozy he made each one.

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