Jordan Carlyle – more goodies

Posted on Tue, 10 Jul 2012 by KiM

Here are more goodies care of Jordan Carlyle that are sure to please if post #1 got you all hot and bothered. This first set of photos are I believe from Jordan’s old apartment. LOVE the artwork, despite it being a serious boob-fest, and the sophisticated vibe. Following that is an apartment on West 21st St. that is a little less glam but has Jordan’s signature HOT style.

Josefine says:

Wauw. I'm really blown away.. That is the interior-style of my dreams.
Really, when I someday earn enough money to buy stuff like that, it is definitely something that I'm gonna prioritize!
I especially like the minimalistic, stringent lines in the first two pictures. And then I've always been of the opinion that coffee-table books really DO look very pretty on coffee-tables. And on shelves as well, for that sake..

So sleek and dramatic. Love the penny tiles in the second last photo…among other things in the portfolio!

I liked the decor in all pictures especially the chandelier in the third one. I feel mirrors are his usp as I can see lot of glass and reflections in almost all pictures.

jenny williams says:

boring and cold, hated it.

chloec says:

I really disliked this, way too try hard and contrived , ugly..

how2home says:

I disagree with the 2 negative comments! I think its very striking and bold!!

Andrew says:

It looks amazing – will use this idea when I get rich.

I love the bathroom! Clean and simple…not too much going on. The cream colored couches are really nice.

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