The natural (brown) collection

Posted on Wed, 11 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

I’m having a design crisis. I’m finding myself drawn to brown. Not just brown but neutrals, no… naturals, maybe wood… and stone… maybe brick. Grass and feathers and gnarly old branches next to turned bowls of eggs and seed pods. It’s clutter and collections and brown…. brown… natural… oh and copper and brass and antiques and hemp and sisal and hand made furniture and back to brown. It’s driving me crazy but I can’t help it. I found this home in the countryside just outside Berrima in New South Wales on my regular real estate stalking and I should be running screaming shouting “no”, “no”, “no” but… I’m kind of hooked. It bothers me but perhaps it shouldn’t. Link here while it lasts.

Everything is pretty cool, except the bedrooms -didn't care at all for any of the beds or the rest of the furniture in those rooms.

oregonbird says:

Oh — the last bedroom. The one with the bust. What I would give to be able to give that to my kid.
But never mind that — why spoil him, when I need that FLOOR! Who does floors like that? Nobody does floors like that!
Wow. Wow wow wow.
Oh, and the house is a great design. Sometimes, wasted space isn't wasted at all.

christa says:

The house is nice, and I like a lot of wood and organic things, it makes a house feel natural and sort of humble/honest. This is a nice home, but the decor could be more lively. Nothing a few good paintings and some better textiles couldn't cure.

Melanie says:

I love the outdoor dining space!

pam says:

I can't see past the kitchen and pantry of my dreams. The kitchen with no upper bulky cabinetry is to die for and the pantry is so airy and everything is so easy to store and find! Every time I have to go in my pantry I consider taking Valium first…one of those where you have to take ten things out to get to what you actually need. One can dream!

how2home says:

The blueprint of the house looks very spacious. That backyard is gorgeous…now if only they have a treehouse back there, it'd be even better! Perhaps that could be their next project?

tori says:

Does anyone know what the two identical green things are on the nightstand in the tenth picture? I inherited two almost just like that from my grandmother and no one in my family knows what they are! I never thought to ask when I was younger and I'd be so excited to hear if anyone knows what they were originally made for!

Oh…Can I throw a dash of color somewhere??

Cussot says:

Man, that kitchen is robust!

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