Posted on Sun, 15 Jul 2012 by KiM

I blogged back in March about itswhatiminto, a group of 6 editors reporting on all sorts of happenings (interiors, fashion, food etc.) in South Africa. Sara, one of their editors, emailed to let us know about a fantastic apartment they featured recently. I love it and another one I found on their site so I thought I’d feature both. This first one is the apartment of Adam Levy. He is one cool guy and his place is incredible – the views are to die for thanks to one huge wall of windows, and his eclectic mix of furniture is the right amount of funky. (A man with a large set of Panton chairs is a man after my own heart).

This next one is a bit less modern, a bit more vintage but still funky and eclectic. It is the home of Gina and Bruce Anderson and several dogs. (Again, after my own heart, but this time with animals!) Such a warm and friendly dwelling.

dopecho says:

Hey there is JosephJoseph chopping boards set in the kitchen. And the knife block looks like Bodum. They are all great 🙂

AB says:

…now that's what I call a home…! The generous space on display could easily be styled to look like a catalogue or brochure entry: a common problem these days given obsessive need for styling and penchant for overkill! I love them both but could only live in second of the two! Down to earth, saturated with charm and effortlessly chic!

christa says:

These are both so well done. Livable and open with lots of style.

I like all white decor with a dash of color here and there

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