Stalking in the Byward Market

Posted on Mon, 16 Jul 2012 by KiM

It’s my turn for a change for a stalking post. This one is located here in Ottawa, and was submitted by Isobel (ironically enough I had come across it on MLS the day before she emailed). Isobel’s parent’s live in the Byward Market, a very desirable neighbourhood as it is smack in the middle of downtown, filled with cool shops and restaurants (and she actually grew up there and not in the ‘burbs – lucky girl!). Isobel styled the home for her folks, and she did a smashing job I have to say, especially for Ottawa standards, as no one here knows how to style or photograph a home for a sale listing. I am not kidding you – it’s so embarrassing. Isobel was really smart in styling this older home with modern furnishings as I’d guess 80% of the people looking to live in that area are young professionals who are typically into modern homes and/or decor. And I have to point out how much I love a feature wall in a home that lacks architectural detail. In this home it is a brick wall (although I think it’s wallpaper but imagine it’s real brick), or you could clad a wall in rough, reclaimed timber or some exposed concrete would be cool. Any of these give a bit of drama and intrigue because there’s only so much you can do with furniture. Think about it.

Tamara says:

On the contrary, I think she did a fantastic job blending the old and the new – check out the second vanity and gorgeous bed! It is a great example of staging for the right audience – the Market is very much about history with a contemporary edge. It's full of light and colour and energy. Very inspiring!

loulou ste-adele says:

Somehow the interior does not do it for me. It lacks something. As if it has been stripped down too much. Something unifying is missing. it is missing character. A gorgeous house, in a great location but bland (like an omelet made only with egg whites, served on a white plate).

Tamara says:

Question – does anyone know where the futon in pic #12 came from? 7th Heaven has a similar one, but it's not as nice. It looks perfect to solve a space dilemma I have.

KiM says:

I thought Structube sold those futons/sofas at one point (not sure if they still do)

Céline says:

Tamara, Kim is right. You can find it at Structube: Sofa-bed " Charlotte ".

Tamara says:

Thanks guys – the 'Charlotte' is similar but the sides don't raise up to form the half arms. I think the one pictured must be an older model. I was really close to buying it but it's in leather only. The exact right thing will come along once I've purchased a sofa that will 'do'!!!!

MK says:

The brick wall is actually hand-painted. The owner painted it while undergoing treatment for, and recovering from, throat cancer. As for the lack of character, a lot of stuff with character was removed for staging purposes.

eili says:

nah, doesnt have appeal to me.

too standard eames bertoia bow lamp stuff blah blah .. nothing challenging.

brick walls are nice though.

Louise says:

I'm with loulou and Céline, it's too contemporary and lacks something… I googled it to see when it was built, 1890, yet is has none of the character of the period. I think an old house with mid-century or modern furniture does look good, even or especially with the original period character. I recently bought a semi-detached in old Aylmer, built in the 1920s. It's been renovated but still has original floors and moldings. I recognize mine is not in the Byward market but I paid less than half the price they're asking 🙂 it's 1400 sq. ft. compared to this one which is 1800 sq. ft. but still. Probably why people from Ottawa are moving to the Quebec side… Anyway, just to say I was disappointed to see none of the original character…

Armin says:

The problem is, that all the "contemporary" pieces in there are (really bad) knockoffs. Don't get me wrong, i'm not per se against copies of iconic furniture, as long as they live up to the standards. However, these are just bad….It's a pity because the space is amazing…

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