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Posted on Wed, 18 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

… if you will. I have always wanted to find an old cottage, some place that hasn’t changed in all the years it has stood. A time capsule. The simple life. A few spartan rooms stained with history, heavy with memories. A place like Railway Farm just outside of Malmsbury in Victoria. I have been real estate stalking and found a rough gem. This 3 room hut, let’s face it it’s hardly a cottage, was built around 1865. Slab and tin, brick floor, walls paper in old newspapers, hot in summer, cold in winter and wonderfully beautiful in its own way. A pioneer hut unchanged except for ever thickening coats of paint on ceilings and walls. 56 acres of land, a well, stone walls and no electricity. Perfect for weekend getaways for those who crave the rough luxe… minus the luxe. Perhaps I can bring that along each weekend. Dreaming of how I would furnish it. Thank for indulging my daydream. Back to normal programming soon. Link here while it lasts.

Sapphire says:

While I don't mind hardscrabble accommodations if there's a reason for it, like if say you're in a developing country, this lodge's place in some desolate backwaters really makes it creepy. I'm sure it's possible to get some peace and quiet without expecting a ghost to haunt your sleep.

Virginie says:

Wow! I really hope it stays that way, even while changing from owner.

Annie says:

I totally get this dream….the land is stunning, simplicity like this would be an interesting lifestyle for a while. It would be awesome to clear out the ratty trees around the house, and do something like a shipping container addition.
I'm a bit suspicious though: isn't there a kind of perfect imperfection about the interiors? The wood floor looks new (or at least immaculately refinished), the paint on the walls is "worn" in exactly the same way on every surface, the ceilings are shiny and clean. Even the sign on the gate looks like something from Etsy. It kind of reminds me of faux antique furniture. ??
Still, it would be amazing to take up a project like this. *sigh*

Oh dear Jo, it's perfect – and only a short way from my brother's place in Gisborne, did you have to tempt me? And original, I hope it isn't held together with termite spit…

nicole says:

Oh wow! just wow! it makes my heart sing!

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