Quentin Bacon (again)

Posted on Wed, 18 Jul 2012 by KiM

A photo of a room can just be a photo of a room. Or it can be much more than that. Quentin Bacon‘s photographs are so much more. These photos are beautiful. Quentin takes an ordinary space and makes it beautiful. He makes you want to climb through the photo and ake yourself at home. Wonderful composition, light and depth of field. (Jo showed him some love a few years ago here).

WyGal says:

Oh my….that first photo. LOVE!

I want to live in the first photo – as long as there aren't bears.

Yes, the photos are fantastic, love the beds supported by chains, real nice rustic attention to detail.

Céline says:

Very charming – love the first photo too as well as the staircase.

Wilkinson says:

As all the other commenters have said – that first photo – LOVE! Would love to hang out there all day.

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