Max Kim-Bee encore

Posted on Thu, 19 Jul 2012 by KiM

It’s been a little while since Jo featured some interior eye candy from the portfolio of photographer Max Kim-Bee, so I thought I’d re-introduce you all to some of his beautiful photos. I adore the space above – a wonderful eclectic and ethnic vibe.

Annie says:

That first room is INSANE! (Love it!)

Alexandra says:

In love with that simple bathroom..

Very bold and ethnic, indeed! The navy blues and patterns of room four really call for your attention with all the busy details.

how2home says:

very single room is phenomenal! Love the first picture of the room, the amount of details went into this room is crazy! The bathroom is my favorite! That bathtub…..i need one of those in my life, pronto!

Liked all the photographs. I especially the way the coffee table is done up in the first picture.

The first room is wonderful – the colours are very clever and very lovely.

The second room I've seen around. By rights I should hate it but actually I love it and I can't for the life of me fathom why!


Such contrasts in each room from simple whites to rich fabric filled rooms I just love this style and mix of pieces they love, every room a gorgeous surprise!!

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