Parents’ retreat

Posted on Thu, 19 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

Something a little different for today’s post. The Melbourne Central Parents’ Retreat by Clare Cousins Architects.

“The brief called for three key zones: a wet area for toileting/baby change; a feeding/play area; and a retreat lounge as a waiting or alternative feeding area. While the project required a highly practical solution, ensuring children’s safety, adequate sight lines, and low-maintenance wet areas, for example, the emphasis is on peace and play. This is not a utility space, which is used and then left; rather, it encourages people to linger, children to play and parents to recharge. Key to the concept was the aim to preference local suppliers, and to use low-tech and sustainable materials, with bespoke play equipment unique to the project. A vibrant colour palette delineates and connects zones for easy navigation, while the custom-designed play equipment entices children to engage with the space physically.”

It’s fun and fab, a touch of practical luxury and leisure in an often utilitarian and frankly boring space. No “tuck them away way down the back and forget about them” but a celebration of young children and their parents, a welcome respite from the bustle of the crowds. (Photography by Shannon McGrath.)

Georgia says:

A Fantastic space. Those climbing bars look relatively easy to replicated anywhere. Australia does these family spaces so well in shopping centers.

Really nice decor

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