I love this breakfast nook!!!

Posted on Wed, 1 Aug 2012 by KiM

Love a banquette with a bit of drama!

ME TOO! banquettes and dining benches are where its at right now, but that mirror also KILLS it

DeborahMcP says:

Rockin' high-backed loveseat-banquette. If I could only convince the DH what a great use of small space this is!

Adriene says:

I do not love this breakfast nook! 🙁 I love many of the things in it (that fabulous loveseat/banquette, the metal chairs etc.), but the practical girl in me is driven crazy by the the fact that the long seat is fronted by a round table. Which means only one person can comfortably sit on the banquette and make use of the table. I guess that's all well and good if you want the banquette all to yourself, but wouldn't a rectangular table make more sense? I just keep imagining the person sitting on one end or the other with the table top curving away from them and spilling their food on the floor because it's too far way. Or sitting uncomfortably on the edge of the seat in order to reach the table. Also, a banquette with that much personality deserves to not have a table blocking it's view. Or at least one that's more stylistically simple and not diverting your attention from the seat. Argh! This picture is driving me nuts! Close, but no cigar.

Lisa says:

I agree with Adriene about the long seat and the round table. But also, the size of the blue seat, to me, is like an elephant in the room and dwarfs the metal chairs. I also feel seating should be more equal and not have one person with a fabulous, cushy seat and the rest with lesser (not even cushions) seats.

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