Stalking a cool dude’s pad

Posted on Thu, 2 Aug 2012 by midcenturyjo

Once upon a time there was a cool dude ( I’m making this up as I go along so I hope he is cool) who took a warehouse space and made it his own. Its first incarnation was as a dark and pseudo dingy but über stylish man cave. The cool dude wrote some copy, snapped some pics and submitted it to Apartment Therapy. It went down a treat with the AT crowd as did his mix of self deprecating humour and grandiose ideas. Follow the link and you can see why or if you are lazy scroll down and you’ll get the idea.

Fast forward 3 years and I’m real estate stalking as is my daily want. Oh look! Sexy warehouse apartment say I. Bookmark. Move on. Email drops into my inbox from the cool dude who owns said sexy apartment. Serendipity. Synchonicity. Weird co-incidence. Did I know it was for sale? Hell yes and I would buy it in a flash if I didn’t live in another state, have bad knees and find ladders to mezzanines just a little beyond me at my advancing years. Damn but it’s hot and the position in Surry Hills in Sydney couldn’t be better. AND the dark and über stylishly dingy man cave has grown up. A light, bright and seriously sexy inner city pad. Wonder if the owner has got better with age too? Link here while it lasts.

Very cool.

Jenny Butler says:

I love Steve of Steve's Mancave! It's great to see how his home has developed over the years- I do hope the toilet is still spray painted black.

A loft on Bourke Street?! I'm swooning…not over those swiss cheese side boards though, eep!

christa says:

Jo, you are funny. I like it a lot more in it's current lighter version, and since my husband had a bachelor pad a lot like that, I think he qualifies as a cool dude. The old space looked a bit smelly — anything that dark is not getting properly cleaned, especially if only guys live there. 😛

oregonbird says:

Major improvement! It's so satisfying to see proof, once again, that less is more.

Janne says:

I'm out of words.

Surry Hills Local says:

I saw it last night at the first open. It is very cool. What you can't really see from the photos is that the floors to the loft areas are all slatted with spaces between them. The whole space is transparent with light streaming through to the area below. Conversely, you can also see up through the floors, so you'll want to be wearing clean undies!

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