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Posted on Mon, 13 Aug 2012 by midcenturyjo

Oh goodness! Oh double goodness. Double gosh. Double great and double double got to have. Two French apartments, St. Honoré and Faidherbe by Parisian architects Flora de Gastines & Anne Geistdoerfer of double g. Sophisticated and contemporary, colourful and clever. I’m hyperventilating I love these spaces so much.

Colleen says:

Just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying your posts. They're a fabulous break from study!

The architects have made world and houses better. Their innovation is seen in their designs.

teresa says:

i have been noticing the white on black birch tree wallpaper lately and i love it! am i just late to the game, or is it a new version of an old fave? love the spaces too btw. that first shot stopped me in my tracks.

Ingrid says:

Overall, the color implemetation thorughout the space is well balanced! I love the minimalistic and clean look of these spaces!

Monika says:

I've loved Double G for several years now, and am thrilled that they are being discovered outside of France.

Check out their website —

Abesses 2 is my favourite Parisian apartment, bar none, and I dream of living in it. Just love all the elements they brought together… the knit pendant, the zeliges tiles, the colours…

KiM says:

teresa, it's Cole & Sons Woods wallpaper. (The white background is far more popular than the black).

Sandra says:

Can anyone tell me the source for the red circular side table in the Paris apartment?
I love it and hope to find it .

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