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Posted on Tue, 14 Aug 2012 by KiM

I adore this apartment. Designed by b-arch (Jo blogged this firm recently here and here), this was formerly the attic and kitchen spaces of an eighteenth-century building renovated to make an open-space loft. I love the stairs (although not to code by Canadian standards), the flat file cabinet, the globe collection, the huge sign in the kitchen, the LIGHT BLUE SMEG!!!, colourful tomato cans, Jielde light fixture (I have 2 of those!), huge vintage map as a headboard. And then there’s all the white…and those floors….

oregonbird says:

I've been looking all over for a stovetop unit that lined up the burners single-file — is that a unit, or just separate burners set in? Can you steer me to the maker? It's an excellent adjustment to a very poor cooking arrangement that has been held over for no reason other than 'it's traditional'.

It's such a marvelous ambiance. I have to admit, I'd change the walls over to a pale turquoise (would look great with the floors) or at the very least, strip the beams to bare wood and paint the ceiling. There's no visual anchor. Small quibble, really.

ron says:

The one pictured looks like a Neff but it doesn't show on their website, maybe it is discontinued. Here are some links: don't know how available they are in North America though.

Just google "inline gas stovetop" and then click images.

An attic? Did I read right? Wow! Like you, the globes, the white, the tomato tins, and the file cabinet have captured my attention!

Tutulko says:

Dear oregonbird,

the stovetop you see in the photo is this:

from Foster, model Alfa Line.4F.SF – 7275 032.


VAL says:

Wondered where the beautiful floor came from?

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