More white

Posted on Tue, 14 Aug 2012 by KiM

Here is another home bathed in white, this time it’s a little less Scandi and way more glam. Via Inspace Locations.

Noemi says:

This is beyond stunning. Except for all the weird lanterns.

Janice says:

I gasped when I saw that first shot. I dream of having a frame like that in my bedroom.

Beth K says:

Too much white. Hurts my eyes.

Renee says:

This may quite possibly be my dream home. I live for white!
Stunning, all of it!

Oh those orchids…spectacular! The really make these spaces extra glam.

Deb says:

They obviously don't have dogs – or at least not ones that ever set a single white paw outside…

Melanie says:

I think it needs more chandeliers! 🙂

Jo says:

This would be like living in a dream… I am in love. I can easily imagine being happy all the time in such an area…

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