The water tower house

Posted on Mon, 20 Aug 2012 by midcenturyjo

Take a disused water tower on an old manor house’s estate, a local council who had no need for it, a landscape designer who had a vision and an architect who made it happen. 6 storeys of bachelor pad now rises from the grounds surrounded by woodlands and encroaching suburbia. To complete the unlikely dream a meandering brook runs by the foot of the tower. A switcheroo on the Rapuntzel fairytale, the landscape architect now sits in his tower perhaps waiting for his princess? The Water Tower at Brasschaat, just outside Antwerp by Crepain Binst Architecture.

rooth says:

Now that's cool. He must have legs of steel to make it up and down all those stairs every day

La Reveuse says:

Hummm… My guess is has Buns of Steel too. I wouldn't mind a looksie.

Louise says:

haha, La Reveuse, you crack me up!! Repurposed & re-used, love this home!! =)

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