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Posted on Wed, 22 Aug 2012 by KiM

I didn’t quite get my fill of the mesmerizing photography of Inga Powilleit the other day, so I thought an encore would be a great treat on a Wednesday. Eye candy at it’s finest.

kathi says:

I love the corner built-in sofa in the third to last photo. I think I would prefer that to any sofa on earth.

Sue says:

Love that cozy kitchen on the second to last photo!

Looooove the textile on the first photo & the dining area in the second photo. Very inspiring & appealing. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Caroline Y says:

Usually, the extreme stryling that is done prior to the interior design photography makes the interiors look sterile, dead, staged. These places have, of course, also been styled but they still look alive. A jacket, book, glasses, bikes, and other 'mess' as well as the animals and people etc just make these places come alive. It is obvious that real people are living here, that these interiors have grown organically by the owners and were not designed by an interior designer / stylist.

oregonbirdI says:

I love seeing people. They help the rooms make sense.

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