My new sofa

Posted on Sun, 26 Aug 2012 by KiM

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned on my page that I bought a new sofa, because my husband and I were sick and tired of the DIY sofa he built that we’ve been using for the last few years. I think the new sofa is pretty funky and will go with the theme I want for the new house we are hoping to build next year. Here is the photo I snapped at the store.

I LOVE brown leather that looks better with age, and this one I hope will age beautifully. We had it delivered a few days after purchasing it, and I had Friday off so I prettied up the living room and took some photos. Now, it’s a bit of a large sofa for our tiny living room but I don’t care, as we hope to not be in this house much longer, and it’s SO much more comfortable than the last one. I re-decorated the space with items I had around the house, because I don’t want to purchase any more stuff (I have too much crap!) until the new house. I thought the space above the sofa, while empty all this time, kind of looked bare (maybe I’m just tiring of my forest mural) so I found 2 pieces to hang there. Not ideal but the wall was making me crazy sans art. Eventually I’d love maybe some Australian aboriginal art (in black and white) above it. Anyhoo, here it is.

My dad emailed us kids the other day to say he wanted to get rid of his wine making paraphernalia and wanted to know if any of us were interested in some 10 gallon glass carboys/demijohns. HELLS YEAH! My little sister ended up with 2 clear/blue-ish ones which were gorgeous, and unfortunately all he had left were 2 green ones but hey, I’ll take what I can get (even with a dead mouse in it). I likely have to store it in the basement because again, I have too much crap and too small of a house but I’m sure I’ll find a place for it one day. (Felix approves).

Margaret says:

My two cents…. get out the camera and take some sky photos…. just sky no land, maybe some clouds…yes clouds… Saturate the images have them blown up to a 30×40, or bigger, and mount on foam core….do 2… hang them horizontally above the sofa (and yes that is a great sofa!). It would breakup the tree scape, frame the sky images and add a bit of unexpected color in a color coordinated space….. just a thought.

KiM says:

Margaret, I LOVE that idea. And I already have some cloud photos on Flickr. 🙂 (Whether I actually get around to doing it is another thing…and I'm thinking it would look cool black and white too)

Laura – it does look alot like that one!

d of dogland – that's my dream sofa too.

Kristi, I have seen them as lamps. Very cute!

Ruth says:

Kim, love the new sofa… but am I the only one who gets excited when Felix appears in your photos??? I do love that big boy!!!

oregonbird says:

Great sofa — and I like the wall dressing just the way it is! Bold yet minimal. It's like the 70's finally done right. (I mean that in a good way, really!)

Tina says:

that chair is really amazing! where is it from?

KiM says:

Tina, the chair is from a great shop in Toronto called Green Light District. It's one of my favourite pieces of furniture in my house.

JULIE says:

I really really love your black leather chairs…are you able to share where you purchased those from?

KiM says:

Julie, see the comment above yours.

Meg says:

I absolutely love this room. Great job! Where are the: 1) black leather and brown wood chair, 2) black rustic leather centrepiece from?
Meg (Canada)

KiM says:

Meg – #1 – see comment 3 above yours #2 – the leather ottoman is vintage, from an antique shop

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