Craving green

Posted on Mon, 27 Aug 2012 by midcenturyjo

I look out at my garden and I see brown. A long dry winter without a hint of good rain and brutal frosts have seen my garden curl up its roots and almost give up. I cajole and threaten but spring is looking lorn at the new old house. For a little fantasy on a dry brown day I have turned to Sydney landscape designer Anthony Wyer. Verdant green and fantasy shapes. Cloud trees and bamboo, pools and spreading canopies of green. I close my eyes and all is beautiful and lush and green. Aaahhhhhh……


It is dry here too Jo, I am fantasising about moving to Seattle.

Jean Munroe says:

What are those trees with the pom poms?

househunter says:

Stunning, blending serene landscapes with elegant interiors.

dipree says:

Does anybody know what kind of tree that cloud tree is?
I think that tree was cutted for this form.

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