To cook or to bathe

Posted on Wed, 29 Aug 2012 by KiM

Jorge Rangel, an interior architect/designer in Barcelona, Spain sent along some photos of a project he just completed. It is a completely renovated 100m² apartment that Jorge designed in a black, white and gold colour palette. Several small rooms became one large living space….which even houses a large spa bathtub. Now as you’ll see below, it’s not your average location of a tub but hey, if you enjoy bathing and cooking, or enjoy bathing and watching someone cook for you, then this is the layout for you! (I do love the colour scheme, and the floors are fantastic, especially installed on a bit of a diagonal).

Damani says:

I absolutely love what they did to the dresser. Great way to add dimension to the room. This room inspires me!

Purushotham says:

Concept did worked out to some extent. I have doubts on finishing of granite work.

Chicspeed says:

All the layering…not so easy in the eyes. I literally got dizzy!

Aaron says:

Seriously, slate as a backsplash and countertop material? Talk about form over function.

hello everybody! thanks for the comments. and it is not granite the finishing you mention Purushotham, it is slate ….. dark blue brazilian one!

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