Superbly subtle

Posted on Wed, 5 Sep 2012 by KiM

I don’t think I could live with this much white furniture (well, I could – but I would have to first get rid of the husband and cats), but OMG do I love this apartment designed by one of my favourites, Maison Hand. (See previous post of their work here)

I love all that white….

Margaret says:

I never ever ever tire of looking at white rooms!

Heidi says:

Agree. Not sure if I could live with all of that white furniture but, my god, this is the best little spot! so cozy and perfect.Great use of space. Kind of obsessed.

jen says:

I love it that you have many cats but you're still cool. I hate the 'crazy cat lady' moniker. I even got attitude from a vet at the practice my cats go to recently and it felt awful! I resist this name, and point to the Eva Longoria ad' for Dine – she's one smooth catwoman (quite a different image!).

I have to steer away from all white too – am even rethinking plans for a white kitchen – there are paw prints on those doors as the cats descend!

Best wishes


KiM says:

@Jenny – 🙂

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

I agree guys these are pretty but not so livable. I dream of white on white on white but…sigh……

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