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Posted on Thu, 6 Sep 2012 by midcenturyjo

Original, creative, tailored, at times a little quirky. Soft furnishings are not often associated with these terms but then the work created by London-based Violet and George is not your average garden variety curtains and cushions. Their unique designs are born of their passion for textiles within interiors. Hairy goat ottomans, Spanish flamenco ruffle drapes, men’s tailored eames chairs and sexy lampshades are just some of my favourites from their portfolio. And for something completely out of the box (and definitely not for everyone) what I can only describe as a carnivorous bunny powder room. Now that’s quirky.

Melanie says:

I like the lamps that look like ladies hats.

Sparky says:

I like the fish window shade over the bath tub. And the Eames loungers in the theatre gave me a chuckle. ~

romy says:

I'm not a fan of media rooms, i believe they look blah the 97% of the times, but I will love to have a media room like this one, those Eames lounge chairs look amazing!

belledame says:

that console is amazing and i'm always glad to see someone trick out the inside of a cabinet.

oregonbird says:

Another vote for the Eames. The room of chairs makes me feel sad… it just does… and the flamenco drapes are just in horrible taste. No, really, you'd need one of those snarling panther coffee tables if you put those up. You'd have to wear really big earrings all the time. The shaggy bed, though — yes, I'll just have two of those, and breed a few little ottomans. 🙂

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