Busy weekend

Posted on Sun, 9 Sep 2012 by KiM

I spent the day yesterday shopping with my family in Montreal for some fall clothes (perfect timing as it’s been HOT for 3 months and I woke up this morning to a drop by about 20 degrees C), so I didn’t have much time to get something ready for today, and I’ve got a busy day too shooting my new purchases for themourningcloak.com and another personal house tour from the Glebe House Tour which is coming up next weekend. While I wait for my husband to finish watching Formula 1 so he can shave my head (only the bottom half 🙂 ) and we can go get some breakfast, I managed to find some gorgeous photos courtesy of British lifestyle magazine Heart Home.

Shave your head Kim?! (thank heavens it's not the top half!)

Margaret says:

Ekes! Shave the bottom half of your head? Scary half man face on the wall….Ekes!

Jo Cardiff says:

Yes, talk to us about the shaving head thing please!

Carmel says:

Lots of great inspirational shots!! I loved all of them, thanks!!

KiM says:

Where have ya'll been? I've had a half shaved head for I think almost 2 years now. If you scan through themourningcloak.com you'll see my hair pinned up in some shots. Having a partially shaved head ROCKS and is quite…liberating. And for someone with alot of THICK hair, it is a blessing. Plus, I love the feel of freshly shaved hair so I tend to rub the back of my head often….my new restless twitch/habit.
I highly recommend it. 🙂

peggy says:

Is that a painting of Erykah Badu in the first picture? I love it!

Ashley says:

What wonderful inspiration! Love the use of bright colors and vintage pieces! Thanks for sharing!!

Hi, I've only just found this post and was amazed to see my home (images 1/2/3/19) as it looked back then (it has changed since). Happy about the fun comments, the painting of Erykah Badu is one of mine (as in 'I painted it') and so is the "scary man" in the third pic. He's not actually that scary, the rest of his face and his turban are drawn in pencil and not visible on the photo. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these. xo

Thank you Carole for pointing this out to me. So fun seeing your place now that I've seen it in real life.
Nice to see my home (image 10)…. thanks guys. x

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