Reader’s home – a tiny Swedish apartment

Posted on Mon, 17 Sep 2012 by KiM

Karin, a devoted DTI reader from Umeå, Sweden, is selling her apartment and sent us a link to the real estate listing. It is a tiny studio that has been completely renovated. It’s adorable, and perfect for someone without a lot of stuff – which is SO not me. Although how fun would it be to have a little pied-à-terre in Sweden! I love the little alcove bedroom with handy open clothes storage.

very nice architecture very good interiors.

mani says:

That's really awesome…

Clare Rulz says:

Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful. I am using this as the blueprint for how I want my new apartment to be furnished/feel.

Apiwat says:

Very simplistic and down to earth designs.

Greg Dale says:

I want to build a small office like the top one in my yard.

Ana says:

Very impressive. Great use of space. Clean & simple.

sonic977 says:

Well it is nice, but space could of been utilized better – depending of course if dweleres preferences align.
In short, I would at least swap kitchen and bedroom areas, since most ppl like natural light in bed room (North is not marked on those pics but in general sense..), there's a window for you to open if you need fresh air at night etc.
Kitchen could be in reverse C format in the 'old bedroom' space, with side closer to enterance without wall and just element height separator – many ppl like to drop off things from shopping and it is convenient if kitchen/storage/drop zone area is near enterance.
I would make quite some things a bit different, but I like the colors and the feel of space.

avianti says:

Smart utilization of small spaces. There is always something to learn.

susiemork says:

Just found this site on Stumble, and I think this is a perfect living space. It doesn't seem small or tomb like because of all the natural light. love it.

Hanna says:

Though space is tiny yet its interior decoration is mind blowing.

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