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Posted on Thu, 20 Sep 2012 by midcenturyjo

Spring has sprung in Australia and what does that mean? Blossom and hay fever, spring cleaning and auctions. After a long barren winter with scant few properties to real estate stalk suddenly I am spoilt for choice as I trawl the listings. A double offering today. A rollicking overdose of kitsch and boulle and ormolu wrapped up in luxury and tempered (just slightly) with white. A confection of a house at the best of times, the owner has claimed it as their own and ramped up the volume. Blackamoors and Chinese dragons, marble, large art and coffered ceilings. The interiors make me smile. This is certainly the perfect party house. My favourite part, though, must be the gardens and the creeper clad exterior. Talk about kerb appeal. St Kilda West near the beach in Melbourne. Link here while it lasts.

I cannot take credit for finding today’s houses. Fellow stalker Andrea beat me to them. Happily she sends me links.

Madge says:

So chi nah

midmodtom says:

Great taste. I love it

oh my gosh – ic ant even imagine a place like this much less believe my eyes. that garden patio is AMAZING!

Deb says:

Oh the beautiful bones of the place! And the floor boards!

superdutch says:

The bones of the place are indeed great, but oy vey, some serious interior liposuction is needed here.

Robyn B says:

Lovely! I really want that table and chairs in the seventh picture 🙂

Anja says:

What a fun, unique and fearless home, love it! Somehow though I had to think about the electricity bill there, not that it matters to the owner…

What an amazing house – slightly batty, but I love its OTT-ness, done with such verve! I was surprised to see an old behemoth tv: my imagination has been running wild, who lives here!?

lea says:

Definitely a boy design. how many pairs of black jeans does one guy need?? I love the outside and bones of this house, oh to get your hands on the redecorating.

Penny says:

those cornices in the lounge & sitting rooms are ridiculous – particularly when combined with roman columns. kind of reminds me of an old lady who has indulged in too many "cosmetic enhancements".

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