Barbara Saskia

Posted on Fri, 28 Sep 2012 by KiM

Barbara Saskia is an interior designer based in New York City with a slightly quirky sense of style – and personality. You don’t hear this much, but Barbara uses astrology as a design tool. Allrighty. Well, whatever the heck she uses, it works. I really like her sometimes bohemian, sometimes modern, but always casual approach to design. 

Kathy says:

Nice spaces but that muberry & eggplant color, yucch; mulberry paired with the lime green is nauseating. My favorite space is the grey with blues/yellow in the cabinet/entertainment center–7th picture down.

Chad says:

Great website @ Barbara

oregonbird says:

I love the boho-classic charm. I've rarely seen such a strong color sense folded in with the design so well, it didn't demand attention for itself — but here, it's managed. The steel chest needs me. I can hear it calling!

lea says:

Are pictures 1,2 & 5,6 really by the same designer??

Not quite my style but I do love the kitchen. Its sleek and modern but still warm.

Lynn Teshr says:

I love the mixtures Barbara uses to create unique but very liveable, welcoming spaces. She mixes periods and esthetics to create her own magic which includes everyone.

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