Stalking on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 6 Oct 2012 by midcenturyjo

Happy weekend everyone! It is very hot here. Summer seems to have come early… very early! Sitting upstairs at a computer dripping sweat onto the keyboard isn’t my idea of fun. I would rather be downstairs in the cave like cool of my colonial brick house working on a new painting. It’s like an old fashioned cold box down there. Cool in more ways than one 🙂 I think this modern terrace house in Surry Hills, Sydney I found stalking might just be a cool place too. Wooden floors, walls that slide open nice and wide. If there is a breeze I bet it gets funneled through. And if it is still too hot then you would find me standing under a cold shower staring at the bright blue sky. Link here while it lasts.

Ivy Lane says:

Would love to have a skylight in my shower like the one posted here!

This home is like a work of art, so perfectly fitted together! I adore the light and simplicity, without being cold!
Sarah Bosserman

Mike says:

Not so sure I am keen about having the front open to the street like that in Surry Hills ….could end up with some junky on your couch lol !

A friend with a terrace in Redfern discovered that if she opened a skylight at the top of the house, and a solid door (she has a metal gate) in the underground garage, cool air spirals up just like in Moroccan houses! It was very noticeable in the heat of the summer.

Sparky says:

I so love the courtyard with the twisted tree, the bathroom skylight (I had one in a previous home), and so sad to see our summer slipping away and would love to have it just beginning as you have there. ;o) xSparky

I love the bedroom that opens up onto the terrace. How gorgeous to wake up and go outside first thing in the morning on a beautiful day.

Ruth says:

Jo, great find! Of all the aspects I love about this home, I am inspired by it because it looks so doable! From a budget standpoint, from a do-it-yourself perspective, and from the need to have flexible spaces. The dining room could be turned into a studio/office! The 3rd floor bedroom could be turned into a meditation/exercise/guest room. The 2nd bedroom could be a bonus study room for a budding artist! Wow. Thanks for this.

madonnaofcoogee says:

Very nice, but the open glass street frontage completely impractical for the gritty inner city – and where do the bins live? The two big ugly garbage and recycling wheelie bins would have to live on the front verandah as there is no back lane.

Blanders says:

I see the rich don't bother with having a laundry. Presumably whenever their clothes get dirty they just but some new ones.

Seriously, where does the washing machine go in this house? Is it under the stairs? In one of the bathrooms?

joca says:

A lot of books and a beautiful house : that's perfect!

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