The photographer, the model and an amazing house

Posted on Tue, 9 Oct 2012 by midcenturyjo

Imagine meeting a modelling legend, a woman who defined a style, an era. Imagine shooting her in her amazing home. Imagine having the talent to capture that larger than life personality in that larger than life home. Don’t imagine. This is what it looks like. Jonas Gustavsson takes us inside modelling superstar Peggy Moffitt’s Los Angeles digs. Just a sneak peek. You’ll have to wait until his photos hit the pages of the design magazines to see it all. Thanks Jonas!

Marissa says:

Beautiful Burmese kitties.

The Design Lady says:

How great to see Peggy Moffit, she has always been the muse for any style or design I have learned to love. Glad to see she still has it

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