Christina Sullivan Roughan

Posted on Wed, 10 Oct 2012 by KiM

Christina Sullivan Roughan (of Roughan Interior Design based in Greenwich Connecticut) creates warm, sophisticated interiors that are timeless and sophisticated while remaining friendly and approachable. Their modern/traditional signature style mixed with their ability to combine select antiquities with modern art result in balanced and beautiful environments. I’m a fan – especially of her kitchens. This is easy living, and I could easily live with that. 🙂 

Nancy says:

I love it all. Sigh, I want to decorate!


Lola says:

It's beautiful, but honestly a little eerie perfect, like Stepford Wives. Even the fake apple/lemon spill looks like a perfect spill.

Brittany says:

So lovely! Great inspiration for when I decorate my next apartment!

scott says:

Picture 7, colored glass bottles on window sill – gotta have them. Anyone know where to find?

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