Sydney Harbour apartment

Posted on Wed, 10 Oct 2012 by midcenturyjo

A sophisticated apartment in Sydney. An apartment with a view to die for. But what do you do when the view is so iconic, so overwhelming and just so “there”? Don’t fight it, don’t compete with it, don’t ignore it. Celebrate it. A retrained palette, luxurious but understated finishes. White walls that bounce the bright Australian light deep into the apartment and extend the sense of space. Dark floors ground, provide a solid base for this aerie perched as it is above the Sydney harbour between bridge and opera house. Causal elegant, the finer things but no posturing, no pretense. Definitely a trophy apartment but also very much a home. Interior design by Sarah Davidson.

TieDye64 says:

Absolutely freaking gorgeous! When can I move in?

This is like a peak into Sydney high society. Gorgeous place!

Absolutely amazing views! Love the interior too, the Decor goes perfectly with the surroundings.

Lumo says:

Two years ago I sat at the Bennelongs restaunt in the Sydney Opera house. We had an amazing dinner while we looked at the apartment buildings in the harbour and wondered what kind of apartments there are in those buildings. Now I know…

Wait a second. A view of the Opera House? OMG. So very awesome.

Shelley says:

Wonder if the music drifts over on a quiet night. How ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parker says:

You'd be lucky to hear anything over the din of the Harbour Bridge right above you.

mathewreegan says:

What fantasy look it has. Those who one staying there is lucky person.

romy says:

I guess that is what "Location, location, location" means.

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