The importance of good lighting

Posted on Thu, 25 Oct 2012 by KiM

Falken Reynolds (from my previous post) happen to be spokespeople for Philips line of LED light bulbs, and utilized a Gastown loft they designed to ilustrate the importance of decent lighting (and the beauty of light by LED bulbs). I thought this was worthy of a mention because these photos REALLY show you what significant impact lighting can have in a space. I’m not a designer so sometimes I tend to forget the “rules” but this team has come up with 5 important tips I wanted to share, which I think are very well illustrated with the photos of this loft. (Read more about it here). (LOVE the tiffany blue wall!!!)
Tip #1: Have different lights for multiple purposes
Tip #2: Use dimmers everywhere
Tip #3: Light tabletops and countertops
Tip #4: Take cues from natural light
Tip #5: Light the things you love 

Kelly says:

I totally agree, very important, especially for small spaces!


peggy says:

OMG those lamps! And that tiffany blue wall and gray sofa – beautiful!

This post has inspired me to re arrange
All of our lighting now! Such a brilliant job
in these pics and great advice!

JudyG says:

wow, i love the lightbulb lamp (last pic), as well as the lamp that's part of a table. sadly they also look very expensive…
great pictures though, lighting is definitely something i need to work on in my place.

peggy says:

Back for a second look – I am in love with this loft. Is the coffee table also designed by Falken Reynolds? I love its mismatched legs.

What a nice bunch of clever tips. Lighting is so important. I never had lamps before, just overhead lights. I recently added lamps and it really seems to warm the room up. Honestly, the photography is quite a lesson of taking cool indoor shots with good lighting and amazing angles. I am saving!

Essential says:

Oh! Where can I buy that rug?? <3

David says:

A very creative interior and love seeing our Provide Made cushions utilized with such flair!

Tan Huitron says:

Hey does anyone know where i can find the turquise rug? i love it

That amazing rug is from Jan Kath… Find out who retails them in your city to see them in person… it's hard to capture how stunning they are on his website.

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