Time warp

Posted on Thu, 25 Oct 2012 by midcenturyjo

I miss the retro posts I used to do. Scans of rooms long gone but living still in the musty pages of the retro design books I would find on foraging trips to books fairs and thrift stores. Sadly they came to an end. I had seemingly exhausted Brisbane’s supply of “oh so bad they had to be good” interior design publications from the 50s, 60s, 70s and even the 80s.

Imagine my delight when I found this time capsule for sale Cheltenham, Sydney. The Hawkins Residence designed by Philip Cox and awarded the Wilkinson Award in 1969, the highest accolade of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. A tweak here, a slight change of furniture there and I know many readers would happily move right in. This fabulous piece of Australian domestic architecture could be yours. I wish it was mine. For sale by Modern House Estate Agents, I found it while real estate stalking here.



Oh how I also love these fabulous homes from this era. I know that feeling when you stumble upon a gem like this up for sale, I have to keep reminding myself these homes were built in the era of triple fronted fibro cottages – We are selling next year and dream of finding one of these modernist homes,hopefully not too far from its original state. I have my eye on a couple in the local area and tempted to knock on their door just in case their thinking of selling soon!

romy says:

I miss this kind of architecture! I remember having a crush as a child on a house i found in a magazine from the 70's? I still dream of that house!'

WyGal says:

Jo you always seem to find what I love. Thanks for doing what you do, digging for the good stuff 🙂 I really like this type of architecture and hope to build a house like this someday, that is both modern but warm. Maybe this post will finally pull the husband to my side. We are in COMPLETE disagreement on house design.

I like that this floor plan looks like it has to living/kitchen areas for extended families. There are a lot of reasons why families may have to group together, and it can put stress with adults living in tight quarters.

Sallychletenham says:

I grew up around the corner from this house! It's so my childhood!

Those architectural drawings are great, you could totally hang them as art!

livy says:

Does anyone know what the occasional chair opposite the purple couch is? Its lovely!

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