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Posted on Fri, 26 Oct 2012 by KiM

I was completely smitten with the work of interior design and architectural salvage firm Retrouvius when I blogged this London team back in ’09. It’s about damn time I blog some of their latest work. Their aesthetic and love of reclamation really tugs at my heartstrings. I want them to father my design children. And I want founders Adam Hills and Maria Speake stashed away in my back pocket so I can make use of their creativity and ability to find the coolest sh*t whenever I please. Realistically though, how about we all just enjoy some of their latest brilliance. Oh – and they have a book that just came out. (P.S. Can someone please tell me the name of those square uneven tiles in the first several kitchens? I’ve loved those for ages and would love to get my hands on some one day).

rooth says:

Holy batman, I'm about all of those kitchens… I'd gladly take any one of them

Poochie Lou says:

We have tiles similar to those in the first kitchen. They are handmade in Morocco, from Onsite Supply and Design in Sydney, Australia. Sorry, it's not terribly close to Ottawa though…

Susie says:

The tiles are by Emery & Cie. They have a small shop inside the Retrouvious shop/space in London.

Monika says:

Those tiles indeed, are zeliges from Emery & Cie.; strongly doubt anyone in Ottawa carries them, but Emery & Cie. ship.

As far as I know, Ilse Crawford designed the interiors featured in images 2, 3, 9, 12, 14 and the last one. LOVE Ilse!

Lee says:

Absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks for posting.

heleen says:

Looked up the link to Emery & Cie and saw what I thought: those tiles are reproduced old fashioned Dutch tiles. They are called 'Witjes', I think that could be translated to 'small white-ones' or something.
Gorgeous interiors!!!!!

Monika says:

Just noticed that the above link to Emery et Cie is wrong; it links to a different type of tile (i.e., kleurtjes).

Here is the correct link to zelliges, which are a traditional terra-cotta tile tile from Fez:

The tiles featured in these pictures were actually sourced from Emery et Cie, so the website shows the exact tiles.

matilda says:

Lovely blog post. I'd just like to clarify that all the designs shown are by Retrouvius contrary to some of the comments above. The work can be seen in greater details here –

I think maria is correct…….they are simply known as Moroccan Tiles. I have a jones for them as well & hoping to do a model kitchen that features them myself.
They are awesome looking.

I'd actually like to go to Morocco too sometime! 🙂

Francesca says:

Did anyone manage to find a Canadian supplier for Emery & Co? Or actually got tiles shipped to Canada? thank you!

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