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Posted on Tue, 30 Oct 2012 by KiM

ix design is an interior design and architecture firm based in New York that I recently came across while doing some creative googling. Directors Gary Spanier and Michael Wood only have a couple of residential proejcts under their belt but both are really well executed. A perfect blend of modern and contemporary where the resulting vibe is classy without being pretentious, and completely liveable with impeccable attention to detail. This project is a West Village loft located within a structure built in 1931 as a truck garage then converted to condominiums in 1983, the apartment’s immediate design challenges included an awkward geometry, limited natural light and outdated décor. In response to the owner’s desire for an inviting, warm retreat, a natural walnut was used throughout to anchor and reinforce the unity of the space. Juxtaposed against a bright architectural envelope, plush, engaging fabrics and contemporary lighting infuse a dash of luxury while classic modern furniture pieces provide functionality and a simple sophistication.

Charly says:


I love this home. It's also inspiring because the building itself, the floors and the location reminds me very much of my apartment.

Do any of you have any idea who designed/made the light fixture above the dining area? If anyone knows I would appreciate it very much.


I'm generally not a big fan of the pass-thru window in small kitchens but the ceiling design helps make the space much more interesting.

Jones says:

I have a bad habit of looking at habitats in terms of how easy/difficult it would be to keep clean. The first residence, with the dark floors and elevated hard surfaces was designed to be very easy to keep clean. I love it.

lea says:

Don't be fooled into thinking dark timber floors are easy to keep clean… they show every bit of dust.

I love the simplicity of the first apartment, especially the contrast between the dark floors and white walls.

G. Spanier says:

Hi Charly,

The dining room light fixture in the Fifth Ave. apt is a vintage 1970s chandelier by Italian designer Angelo Lelli.

Cheers GS

Charly says:

Thank you for your knowledge G. Spanier!

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