Villa Extramuros

Posted on Wed, 31 Oct 2012 by midcenturyjo

Just outside Arraiolos in Portugal sits a contemporary building that rises from its grassy base like a minimalist monolith. Inside the high white walls is a welcoming patio and within a wonderful small hotel filled with 50s furniture with a Parisian twist. Want to run away and play in Portugal with me? Fine food, fine hosts, fine house. Very cool in more ways than one. Villa Extramuros.

Akane says:

When I read this post I felt butterflies in my belly.

I'm a Portuguese gal who was born in Évora, a town near Arraiolos. Not only is Arraiolos near my hometown, I went to school at a village very very near Arraiolos, called Graça do Divor. I remember my aunt (who was the headmaster of the school) would often take us all to Arraiolos to explore the fields and do various other things. The place where now is Villa Extramuros was one of those places.

It's funny and melancholic to think that so much time has passed since those days, but to see hat they built such a beautiful thing in its place, makes me tremendously proud.

And please, come to Portugal! You are not wrong, we are very good hosts!
Thank you for this post, it made me smile. =)

Keep up the excellent and very inspiring work!

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