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I have benches on the brain, as the one from ReOrient┬áthat I purchased last weekend was delivered yesterday. I have a random grouping of chairs at my dining table, and some of them I’ve been wanting to get rid of, so I figured I could use the bench on one side and my 2 white Panton S chairs and an Eames shell chair on the other. To my horror, the bench is about a HALF INCH too long. *&^%!!! There has got to be a way to rectify this but so far I haven’t come up with anything yet. Since I’m home sick with an awful cough today I will see what I can do. If there is nothing I can do about it (likely), the bench will reside under my living room window, and act as an end table for the couch, a perch for the cats to bird watch, and a spot to put shoes on/off at the front door. (Only in a 12′ wide house can you have something perform 3 functions just because it’s long). Benches are, in my humble opinion, a very underused piece of furniture. They are great in a living room when you want a good sight-line into the next space but need the seating. Benches are handy at a dining table because they can push under the table (if they’re not too long like in my case!) and not take up space. They are cute at the end of a bed to stash books and extra blankets, and fabulous in an entryway to throw your purse on and sit to put on shoes. How about in a bathroom to toss your clothes on before jumping into the shower? I also love them in a hallway to fill the void since they are typically nice and narrow. Here is a round-up of photos of benches I found in my stash. (P.S. I did a bench post a while back here).

Hus & Hem

Covet Garden


Hus & Hem

Mark Williams

Nuevo Estilo


Hus & Hem

Nuevo Estilo


Ashe + Leandro



Nuevo Estilo

Eva Lindh


How right you are about the versatility of benches!
For example, here's at least 60 ways to place a bench:

On the misfit bench problem, here's a suggestion:
Follow the Inspired-life DIY way:
Make the bench even more conversation worthy.
Saw off one side making it asymmetric.
Or saw off a bit of both sides if you need the exercise.
Seal the ends with either clear polyurethane or colorful paint you might find at hand.
Enlist a helpful friend in your project.
Then celebrate your accomplishment.

My motto: Share a bench!


I am sure there is a way to shorten your bench Kim, although it might involve a metal-working shop! Half-an-inch is just so tantalisingly unfair!

Heather says:

The bench in the Rue photo looks like it's a little long, doesn't it? (And it still looks good!)

Haha unfair for sure…It is a drag …love benches what I like most is their versatility in sitting…good luck with yours Kim.

julie says:

Benches are a mean thing to put around a dining room table – the best way to get rid of your guests – after an hour or two sitting on a bench your back aches and you end up lounging all over the table just to ease the pain!!

Georgia says:

I have a bench fetish. Every time I go into a furniture shop I gravitate straight to any benches. They are increadibly functional and are great to look at. Thanks for all the pictures.

Louise says:

I made myself one last year to put in the vestibule of my new house before I moved. I use it like you say to throw my purse on and to sit on to put my shoes. It's very similar to the one in the picture here I think I had seen the picture on Pinterest. I ordered the hairpin legs from where I got the picture to post here. I bought the plank from a little shop in Wakefield where they make pine furniture. The plank still has the marks of the saw and bark on the edges. I should have sanded it a bit more but it turned out pretty good.

Kathie says:

Benches have a gorgeous symmetry and all, but I have to agree with Julie — they're SO uncomfortable to sit at for any length of time.

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