Heather Nette King

Posted on Wed, 7 Nov 2012 by KiM

Melbourne-based stylist Heather Nette King is one lucky lady. She has styled some of the most refreshing, inviting and unique spaces I have seen in a loooooong time. She brings the spaces to life and makes them REAL. I’m smitten.

(Photography credits for Heather’s portfolio: Mike Baker, Armelle Habib, Sharyn Cairns, Lisa Cohen, James Geer, Mauro Pomponio, Alex Aslangul, Chris Warnes, Zoe Phillips, Ben King)

Una says:

I'm impressed too. She's so creative person!
Every picture is full of inspiring details and ideas! 😀

midcenturyjo says:

And she is the loveliest person in real life. Hi Heather!

Not one room I wouldn't kill for!

Margas says:

A talented girl. Some of the spaces are a bit too crowded for my taste, but there's no denying they are cozy and fun.

homestilo says:

Oh my, this IS refreshing. Every room is so vibrant and full of life.

oregonbird says:

I can't see these rooms without seeing children in them. Very happy children, who will grow up and make beautiful homes of their own.

jenny says:

oh please, send her over to my house, stat!

lea says:

more chair porn. love

Melanie says:

I like that she has a real range of looks she creates. Most stylists' rooms look the same. Great find!

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