Touch of gold

Posted on Wed, 14 Nov 2012 by KiM

For the longest time I hated gold. I would not wear gold jewelry, would never put it anywhere in my home…I though it was tacky and preferred silver/stainless steel. Over the years it has slowly grown on me and now I find myself happily wearing gold jewelry (even the pieces I got as a kid from my Italian relatives for religious events), I LOVE pendants with the underside in gold leaf, gold faucets, and I even asked for gold cutlery for Christmas. I love this Piso Barrio Gótico, Barcelona by interior designer María Lladó. It’s just he right amount of gold and deep yellow that adds a decadent, slightly exotic feel.

I especially adore the first room you show here, amazing <3

Sparky says:

Yes, after more than a decade being despised, gold in jewelry and brass (in decor) are returning. Just like always, trends cycle around again. ;o) ~Sparky

Sharyn says:

I was the same way! Maybe it's an age thing…

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