Atelier d’artiste

Posted on Thu, 15 Nov 2012 by KiM

I’m still crushing on the work of Parisian interior designer Sarah Lavoine (featured here and here), so here’s another project of her – an artist’s studio. Love the retro touches, and that blue bedroom is heavenly!

agreed…sarah's touch is amazing…and i love her use of buddha…always brings a sense of integrity and serenity to a space.

Amadis says:

Nice pics, but I'm opposed to the wall organizer in the third picture. Someone sent a sample one to my work and everyone hates it because it you really have to work at finding things that fit in the very specifically shaped holders. Not very practical at all.

I love the mix of furniture and the little pops of colours here and there. They have done such a fantastic job of turning it into a modern comfortable home. Those windows above the bed are a perfect pop, and the minimalist feel of the spaces really is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing!

Ali says:

The chair in the hall must be the "time out" chair. And if you are really bad they put the spot light on you

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