A home for sale in Texas

Posted on Mon, 19 Nov 2012 by KiM

Susi Mitchell, a real estate agent in Texas, emailed us about one of her latest listings (see a previous listing of hers that we blogged here). This one is a restored historic southern home located in McKinney. The wraparound porch is heavenly, and it even boasts a pool complete with large pool house. It’s gorgeous, and can be yours! Check out all the details here

rooth says:

What a cool bonus space with the awesome pool house! Count me in on this one

Renee says:

I drive by this house all the time. It's so cute, I didn't know it was for sale! Downtown McKinney is such a cool place, I would love to live in that house!!

Not quite my taste, design-wise, but what a GORGEOUS home! I can't imagine how lovely it would be to live there, steeped in tranquility and…and…a POOL, too? Be still my heart. Pardon me while I geek out a little over it. 🙂

Lauren says:

The house was amazing, just throughout! Renee, I can't believe you live near there! I'm also pretty sure I'd kill for a closet space like that…and with natural light? Wow. Yep, there would definitely be a lot fewer clothes waiting around on the floor until laundry day…

Melanie says:

Pantry envy! Oh, and the veranda is nothing to sneeze at either.

Matoaka says:

We have been thinking of moving to McKinney, TX. It's totally random, my husband's idea. If they have more houses like this, I'm convinced! And I know NOTHING about that area!

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