Benjamin Waechter

Posted on Tue, 20 Nov 2012 by KiM

Often I prefer to peruse the porfolio of an architect rather than that of an interior designer because you can really appreciate the spaces and structure when they’re not filled to the brim with stuff. This is exactly why I fell for architect Benjamin Waechter‘s portfolio. What you see is what you get.

Now that is an amazing house! Love love the exterior – the choice of materials, colour and simplicity of design. Deborah, Green Light District, Toronto

Holland says:

Spare and elegant, yet inviting. Makes one re-think what's really necessary in design.

Ed Barkley says:

Are plans available if one has land and wishes to have someone build this?

KiM says:

Note that the photo of the blue exterior is a different project from the remaining photos.
Ed, seeing that plans form the basis of an architect's livelihood I presume you would have to hire Mr. Waechter if you would like a similar house. 🙂

Daria says:

If you see the website, the first project photo is 'Cape Cod', the second (with the interior photos) is '100 Year Old House'. Neither new construction although the Cape Cod was a deconstruct, reconstruction.

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