Posted on Wed, 21 Nov 2012 by midcenturyjo

“Your home should be an inviting sanctuary that reflects your personality and passions. With the right design, you never want to leave – and friends always want to visit.”

Elegant, livable luxury. Classic with a modern twist. I thought it was time for some traditional interior design. Not that I mean stuck in a time warp or old fashioned. No I mean attention to detail, flawless execution, never trendy but always stylish and elegant. Abigail Rizor & Hattie Wolfe, the design duo behind Wolfe Rizor Interiors.

Mabiel says:

the round table with the print chairs is so very my thing.

Rose says:

I'm not sure the use of the ghost chairs in rooms 1&3 are necessarily timeless. I only say this because as much I like them, they seem to be everywhere!

Simple yet elegant. I love everything except for the plastic looking chairs in the third pic.

Blanders says:

I look at the net/cage in the ceiling of the third pic and wonder if it isn't the home of a particularly stylish witch who's allergic to gingerbread.

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