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Posted on Fri, 23 Nov 2012 by midcenturyjo

It’s not weird that I stalk real estate websites hunting for wonderful homes I will never buy. It’s not weird that I like to peek through the virtual net curtains to see what is inside complete strangers’ houses. But is it weird that I am now daydreaming about who lives in the houses that I stalk? That I am making up stories to fit? Like this house for sale in Castlemaine, Victoria. I have a whole fabricated history of the owner.

I knew her from university days. She was younger than me by quite a few years. I was a mature age student you see. She was wild, creative, a free spirit so we were all surprised when she up and quit the course. She was marrying an accountant from regional Victoria. They had met at a party somewhere, somehow and clicked. It’s strange how opposites attract.

Another friend who had kept in touch with her told me they had spoken on the phone just last week. She had 2 children. There was a third on the way. They were moving to the city. Some sort of job promotion. Hers not his. I should take a look at her house online. She was still creative, still a free spirit. Her home was just as I would expect it to be.

See? Weird! The house is wonderful though. Your turn. Who do you think lives here? (This is the link… while it lasts.)

oregonbird says:

Perfection. Well, not the yellow bits (I'm virulently anti-yellow) but from ceiling joists to subfloor and every detail in-between — perfection. Wallpaper as ornament, instead of standing about being… well, wallpaper. GREAT furniture choices, and not too much of any good thing. None of that 'eclectic for eclectic's sake' nonsense, either, just sensible, comfortable gear. I love the proportions, and the colors. (except the yellow)

Why – that's my house! I live there. No, but we do live in a house built in the same Federation era in Sydney. Love.

Georgia says:

I'm not sure what I love more; the house or the story that goes with it. Not sure about all the gold wallpaper though….

vickivu says:

Great house. Fun decor to look at even though it isn't for me – I'm more of a color minimalist. Funny too. I know someone who
lives in Castlemaine and her house's interior is much the same.

Wow, this house is so welcoming and oozes charm. Even though its not all necessarily my style I get inspiration from it, I like to think outside the box. It suits the style of house and tells a story. The large rooms lend themselves perfectly to the older style furniture, chandeliers and bright colours. I say throw a few large ornate mirrors on the walls too, as you can get away with bold golds and elaborate decoration. Great pictures, thank you.

Elizabeth says:

But wait, are there really no bathrooms near the bedrooms??

First comment by the way. I follow you religiously and my boards on Pinterest have your "inspiration" all over them.

Christy says:

This is my dream house, there's hardly a thing I would change. Perfection.

Katie says:

Very strange! Just popped in for some house inspiration and I see a house from the town I grew up in and the agent is a family friend. Small world!

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