An adaptive reuse project in Barcelona

Posted on Mon, 26 Nov 2012 by KiM

Rodrigo Hirsch of architecture and interior design firm Planell-Hirsch, emailed us about a project they have completed in the Born District of Barcelona. It is the adapative reuse of 2 buildings spanning about 2200 m2. The original buildings date back to the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th Century. The state of deterioration found in the buildings, the lack of natural light, and the lack of functionality of its circulation cores, demanded an important degree of intervention. To do this, we respected the original structure of the supporting walls, courtyards, and the most significant pre-existing conditions were kept and their expression maximized. The aforementioned interventions included the re-enforcement of the structure and foundations, the replacement of slabs, the creation of a new courtyard or “green patio”, and the creation of new communication cores as the buildings’ spinal axes which now take on a presence they lacked before. The proposed goal was the creation of diaphanous, warm, bright, secluded and quiet interior spaces, in which one could feel comfortable and protected from the intensity of the neighboring streets. The distribution of the units revolves around different courtyards which freshen up and fill with light the interior spaces, and maximize privacy. I love this – modern without being too cold. I’m a fan of exposed concrete (when it’s not too much) and the multi-story plant wall brings life to a downtown and otherwise barren landscape. I must add that I am totally in love with the wrinkly curtains in most of the rooms. They too help warm up the spaces and add texture. (Architecture = Planell-Hirsch & Tonet Sunyer, Interior design = Planell-Hirsch, Photos = Adria Goula)

I think those lovely wrinkly curtains are linen Kim – they really add.

Claudia Maria says:

I need to know what material those curtains are! So beautiful.

Sparky says:

This is a beautifully designed and executed project. Just gorgeous bringing in all the natural light and creating attractive and functional spaces in the very old buildings. My painters' drop cloth curtains have a similar look, that I love. For sure Tricia Rose knows a nice linen when she sees it. :o)

My photos, so forgive me…

Monika says:

This is a gorgeous project. I love so many elements of it; it is beautifully designed. The hanging shelves and desk unit area particularly stunning; I assume that they were designed and custom-made by the architects?

I think the gauzy sheers are probably linen, but the hang of the drapes makes me think they may be silk with metallic threads.

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