My new side table

Posted on Sun, 2 Dec 2012 by KiM

Over a year ago I blogged a really cool idea I saw on The Selby – a vintage safe as a side table.

Low and behold, I recently came across one on Kijiji and my husband nearly lost his marbles. Turns out he is a huge fan of vintage safes too! Yesterday we drove for what seemed like hours to some little town out in the middle of nowhere and arrived at the home of a really nice man who sold us a very similar safe for $250 (I’m thinking this was a steal based on what little I’ve seen via some quick googling). It took 3 men to heave the 300 lb (or so) safe into our vehicule and somehow my husband and I managed to carry it into the house last night. Now it takes pride of place in the corner of my living room. The previous owner does not remember the combination (he’s had it for over 40 years – when he was younger while drinking with his buddies they’d see who could lift it) so we’ll have to figure out how to open it or find someone who can. In the meantime, I think it makes a sweet side table. 🙂


Dana says:

Umm, it's amazing. So fabulous that your hubby shares your love!

Melissa says:

I started reading your blog when you built the white couch and I love seeing the changes the same room has undergone since then. I loved it before and I love it now. It's so perfect.

KiM says:

I'm going to get hubby to go in the basement and have a looksie but I don't think it weighs enough that it would fall through the floor.
@Marta – we've never really looked for one – just stumbled upon it.
@Nina – thanks!
@A&W – thanks mom and dad! oh – when we pick you up at the airport thursday you should come in really quick and have a look!
@Bredlo – the former owner had it open at some point so I think if he had left something in it he would have had it unlocked before selling it. although who knows…
@madolescent – 🙂
@Dana – he shares my love for vintage crap AND cats – he's a keeper!
@Melissa – yes, this room has gone through alot since I bought the place in Dec '07. Actually, you can see the history on Flickr here (they're logged newest to oldest)

rooth says:

Sweet find! It looks wonderful

nobleva says:

It really is a stunning feature – loving the outside. I cannot even remember the codes of suitcase padlocks from summer to summer – wonder whether the guy remembered what was inside …

JoeLucas says:

Just glad I didn't have to lug it up to your living room. Above is correct about the weight and the floor. You may want to put some heavy duty floor protectors to keep it from creating a divot in the finish floor.

KiM says:

Thanks rooth, nobleva and Joe!
Since this house will soon be wrecked (if we have our way) I don't give a crap what it does to the floors. 🙂

lea says:

Love it 🙂

oh my goodness, I love it. great find!

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