My rustic obsession

Posted on Fri, 7 Dec 2012 by KiM


Any regular readers of our blog know that I love rustic decor as I wax lyrical about it fairly often. I essentially live in jeans, and even in my decor I much prefer a more casual, non-stuffy environment. That is why I love a rustic space. It’s modest, comfortable, and combines gorgeous textures – and you get the added bonus of a bit of history (typically). Now mix in some modern elements and funky vintage pieces and this juxtaposition is what I consider perfection. I do however think a space can be too rustic and cold – if it’s just a bunch of wood and concrete and stone, it’s too much.  Some good lighting, natural textured fabrics and some faux sheepskins can do wonders to warm up a rustic room. I’m curious to know what you all think – does a rustic space turn your crank?

Le Case di Elixìr


Adriane Strampp via The Design Files




Oh, Pioneer!

Vårt Nya Hem

Hus & Hem

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Sibella Court

Marie Claire Maison

Hus & Hem

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Åsa, Gothenburg says:

Fabulous pictures!

romy says:

Nice post! planked ceilling, planked floors, wood, metal,stone walls, brick walls, stone floors, wood floor, painted or au natural beams … I don't need inspiration for a house, I need 50 houses! I wanted all! I'm booking this page.

That wonderful, wonderful floor (with the lime green chairs)! I am so in love with canny peasant chic.

Shane says:

Looking at places like these makes me want to curl up on the couch with one huge quilt and a cup of hot coffee. Recognition of beauty in simplicity and imperfection. That's what I love about homes that are aged and rough around the edges. I think I'll carry those ideals over to my tree this year and keep things simple. Just amber lights and the most special old family ornaments. Maybe mom's Edwardian santa topper.

Street Snobbery

Margaret says:

An added bonus, at Le Case Di Elixir, if you become snowbound you can snap the rockers off those chairs and ski your self to safety! Good design can also have a practical purpose!

rooth says:

Kim – I'm totally with you on a rustic obsession. I'm not quite sure at this point if this is a permanent design style that I could live with on a daily basis but I'd like to think it would be very comfortable and cozy

Michelle says:

I love the rustic decor too. Less for my personal fashion, but definitely for my home. My dream kitchen table is very similar to the one with the red chairs.

Great collection of photos!


pilla says:

A really nice home!

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