Tina Hellberg

Posted on Mon, 17 Dec 2012 by KiM

I have always been jealous of interior stylists who have an incredible knack for uniting a bunch of often random objects into some type of cohesive theme that results in the most gorgeous vignettes that become even more magical when captured by a lens. Swedish stylist Tina Hellberg is one of those stylist (as Jo demonstrated a couple of times before here and here).

Holland says:

The collection of greens in the topmost pics drew me in. A year ago my color magnet was anything neon. Before that, lemon yellow, cool lavenders and others I loved and discarded like so many boyfriends (in my more irresponsible youth, at least.)

So just what is it about the shift of colors that attracts us most at any given time? Is it driven by styles of the day (emerald is Pantone's color for 2013 , after all), something psychological, or simply whim? I suspect it's something more than whim, but I have no clue what drives color preference.

Mariel says:

Me too. I wish I had the talent for making something fabulous out of a bunch of nothings. I am lucky to have a friend who does this for me and makes my apartment so chic yet livable.

Brandon says:

I am obsessed with the styling in all of these shots. Holy crap. The porch loaded with stuff is my favorite, I think. Just so good.

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