Friday eye candy

Posted on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 by KiM

I thought we could all use some gorgeous interior eye candy to lead us into this hectic pre-holiday weekend (and for those in the Ottawa area, 40 cm of snow!! AAAGGGHHH!!!!). The following photos are from the always fabulous MilK magazine.

oregonbird says:

Newspaper walls are calling me (I think the shiny sleigh beds aren't quite right). I've got to say, I'm more convinced every day that kitchens should come equipped with not-my-business field generators. Or, possibly more economically, be decorative blanks bunked up against a wall and abandoned. Ohh, like that! I really do like visually de-emphasizing the kitchen to a solid counter. Storage off-premises, or at least in a bunker with a hidden door, I assume.

Jesse says:

really inspiring interior eye candy. love these! x

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