Favourite dining rooms of 2012 – part 1

Posted on Fri, 4 Jan 2013 by KiM

WyGal says:

I have been awaiting the 2012 Dining Room category. I have to say that the dark dining room with the round table and those awesome chairs via Bieke Claessens is my favorite!

oregonbird says:

Some wonderful dining situations here. Comfort and the ability to lounge a bit is top on my consideration of what makes an excellent furniture choice, so while narrow benches and antique ladderbacks all look spectactular, I'll take a padded or formed seat that was made with consideration of the human anatomy, please! Anything mid-century teak works — and those molded chairs cannot be improved upon. (Really. Putting them on rockers is just egging the beer, and inevitably spilling the soup.) Are we done with drum lighting? CAN we be done with it? Let's call it a fad and move on!

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