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Posted on Thu, 10 Jan 2013 by KiM

Antonio Ferreria Junior and Mario Celso Bernardes are an architect and designer duo from São Paulo, Brazil whose work I stumbled upon recently and I am now a big fan. Their work is the perfect amount of eclectic, colour, modern, and originality. And talk about art overload (in a very good way)!!

Minnie says:

Oh, thank you for this! Going forward with a New Year's resolution to purge and finish undone home projects. First up was tackling a scary closet under the stairs (aka bottomless pit for everything) and I found tons of framed/unframed artwork and too many frames to count. It is quite overwhelming and I decided to take a break from it for a little DTI inspiration. Now I can go back to it, knowing the end result (more and better artwork on my walls) can be fabulous!

oregonbird says:

Not two hours ago, a friend was freaking because she still hasn't chosen furniture for her new, slightly awkward home. I told her, I said, "Any problem this big, the way to go is always mid-century modern!" Why oh why didn't I remember that miniature giraffes are the answer~!
I must call her back. We'll discuss chair porn and bold statements.

So many images to pin today! Love the gallery wall on the third pic.

KiM says:

@Minnie – you can never have too much artwork. 🙂
@oregonbird – LOL (OMG you used the P word!)

Maggie says:

Why cant I find a beautiful blue blue rug like the one in that dining room?

KILLER!, I really don't have any other words.

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