Lofty dreams

Posted on Tue, 15 Jan 2013 by KiM

One day, I have to experience living in a loft. With soaring ceilings, massive windows, exposed brick and concrete…lofts will always be one of my favourite spaces. I fell in love with this dreamy loft, designed by Brazilian architect and designer Luiz Fernando Grabowsky – it has everything I mentioned and more. That storage wall in the kitchen/dining area is gorgeous and totally functional. The art wall over the bed draws your eyes up and is a perfect contrast to the opposing storage wall. LOVE!! (via Casa e Decoração)

Joanna says:

Amazing space. Yes, I have always also wanted to have an experience of living in a loft.

oregonbird says:

Perfectly done. There are so many small lofts these days, it can be hard to know what to do with what is little more, in the rough, than an alley.

Ngoc says:

Does anyone have more info on those orange chairs in the first two photos?

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